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We reserve the right to request a deposit at the time of booking an appointment in our workshop, for tuning or for special order parts. This deposit is non-refundable unless we cancel your appointment or order.

If you do not or cannot attend an appointment, please do not ask us to refund the deposit paid. In some circumstances we may allow you to change your appointment to a more suitable date, but will require at least 2 weeks notice to do this.

This deposit is to secure an arranged date in our diary and is NOT a deposit for the work to be carried out.



Customers may be asked to take the vehicle out for a test drive with one of our mechanics or tuners before leaving. Any concerns should be made at this point if possible.

Customers are advised to take an extended test drive in the local area before setting off home; with arrangements in place for return transport should problems occur with the vehicle.

Recovery and Breakdown cover must be held by the customer and the level of cover must allow recovery to our workshop, not just a local garage.

We do not offer a mobile workshop service, nor can we collect cars free of charge should any problems occur.

Cars are expected to have service intervals proportional to the power increase; e.g. double the power, half the service interval.

Owners are expected to have a certain level of mechanical sympathy; abuse when cold or hot will cause excessive wear on engine parts, especially turbochargers.

We cannot guarantee any power figures that we may quote. All our tuning is completely custom and power figures can alter due to the health of the engine and other components on the vehicle.


We do not chase power figures by going beyond our usual safe parameters, compromising the reliability of the engine and parts fitted.

We do not have unlimited secure parking available at our premises, so vehicles must be collected promptly. Damage caused on our site is entirely at your risk.



The customer must ensure that the vehicle has been maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations including relevant cambelt changes/timing chain maintenance and that it is in full and total road worthy condition.


The customer is therefore happy to allow his/her vehicle to be remapped at his/her own personal risk thus absolving MK Performance Tuning of any responsibility should any failure occur.


MK Performance Tuning accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred whilst the Remapping is in operation or at any time after.


When tuning vehicles with the DPF still in place, MK Performance Tuning will not be held responsible for any faults or issues related to the filter blocking up. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is driven in a manner that allows the DPF to regenerate (Refer to owner’s manual).


If any warning lights do appear you may have to force regenerate the DPF. Refer to owner’s manual or if you are not confident in carrying out this procedure please contact a professional.

MK Performance Tuning reserves the right to refuse any tuning work on vehicles regardless of the expenditure / number of orders placed with ourselves.



MK Performance Tuning are not liable for any recovery costs due to a break down or issue with your vehicle before or after we have worked on it.

We strongly advise all customers to have their own adequate Breakdown Cover that would include recovery to our workshop.



MK Performance Tuning offer warranty with any tuning work which covers many things around what we have done to your vehicle and if any issues were to arise with the Remap and we can not fix it then we offer a 100% money back guarantee, however if any issues arise and you take your vehicle to another garage/place to be fixed then all warranty is void from that point onwards and no more help will be given as we don't know what has been done to the vehicle whilst it was elsewhere.

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