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bespoke vehicle remapping specialists


Bespoke vehicle remapping in leeds tailored to your vehicle’s hardware, mk performance tuning is based in ARMLEY, leeds and is proud to be the largest car tuning facility in and around leeds We provide Stage 1-4 tuning packages carried out on our state of the art 4 WHEEL Dynoroad

check your vehicles gains

Find out your vehicle’s potential remap gains before you visit MK Performance Tuning at our Leeds tuning facility.


MK Performance Tuning have over 20 years of combined experience in remapping vehicles so you can rest assured that your Vehicle Tuning session is in safe hands with us. We always perform a full vehicle diagnostic health check before carrying out any car tuning to ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Looking to extract more power from your engine? Visit our headquarters home to vehicle tuning, our master technicians utilise a 4 Wheel drive state-of-the-art Dynoroad to accurately measure your vehicle’s performance.

*Not all stats shown are accurate to the true power figures MK Performance Tuning can achieve, stats shown are for estimation purposes and may differ for your vehicle, please contact us to confirm any power figures*

Stage 1 TUNING

We provide a bespoke ECU calibration for all of our stage 1 remap solutions and provide the most comprehensive car remapping statistics in Leeds.

A stage 1 remap is a software-only upgrade, developed on our 4-wheel drive dyno by our master ECU technicians, however you can unlock more power from your Stage 1 tuning by improving flow and using 99RON fuel (Shell V-Power or Tesco Momentum), the more you do to improve the air flow at Stage 1 the greater the power you will get across the whole dyno plot post remap. These recommendations are not needed or compulsory but will improve the torque band by no end and can be your first steps to go to Stage 2 power and above.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-03 at 1.07.06 AM.jpeg

Stage 2 TUNING

A stage 2 remap consists of software calibrations to meet the demand of required hardware additions to your vehicle.

We supply and fit all of the hardware required for your stage 2 remap build including exhaust fitting, downpipes, air filters and Gearbox (TCU Tuning).

Our master ECU technicians will re-calibrate your vehicle’s ECU to work with any additional hardware upgrades ensuring your car tuning session safely extracts maximum power from your vehicle before running your car on the dyno to provide you with your new power figures.

If you're looking for track-ready car remapping in Leeds look no further than MK Performance Tuning.


For Most platforms


POLO GTI AW STock power - 200bhp 320NM

Stage 3 is38 TUNED - 359bhp 554NM

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